Pet Wellness Exam

Annual wellness exam is an essential part of keeping your pets healthy! 

We provide thorough veterinary pet exams to prevent disease and treat illnesses that may have gone unnoticed. Early signs of disease and symptoms may warrant lifestyle changes or further observation. Our comprehensive approach to wellness may also include pet vaccines, parasite control, diagnostic bloodwork along with nutritional counseling and or behavioral counseling per your request. 

Dunwoody Animal Medical Center will help you decide what type of vaccines are most beneficial for your pet and how often they should receive them based on age, lifestyle, weight, and any pertinent medical history to achieve a healthy balance.

Diagnostic bloodwork allows us to see what we can not observe physically, uncovering early signs of issues that need to be address before they become life altering. 

Because we live in an area where flea, ticks and heart worm season lasts throughout the entire year, our pets need effective, continuous parasite control. We will provide you with all the available prevention options and help you choose what is best for your pet's specific needs.

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